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EYIT Startup Financing Initiative (ESFI)

ESFI is a saving and loans scheme whose aim is to;

    1. Mobilize members to pull resources together through savings and purchase of shares
    2. Advance microloans to members for productive purpose
    3. To carry out investments together as a team.

Members join by paying an application fee of 10,000= and moving forward, a member will be required to purchase at least two shares.

A member needs to save a minimum of 10,000= monthly.


We have introduced shares; Members have an opportunity to own this fund now.

  1. 1 share is equivalent to 5,000=
  2. Every member will be required to buy at least 48 shares annually i.e 1 share per week, 4 shares per month and 48 shares annually.
  3. The shares will form part of security to acquire a loan .
  4. A member will be entitled to dividends as long as you purchase required number of shares (48).

Member benefits

  1. An opportunity to promote your business on EYIT TV at 50% discount
  2. Annual dividends sharing
  3. You earn interest on savings: If you save 500,000= between 6 to 12 months, you will earn 1% interest on the money.
  4. Access to loans without stringent paper work, collateral security at only 3%.

Starting Loan products

  1. Emergency loan (Not exceeding 6 months), although the focus is not here and maximum loan amount is 1,000,000=.
  2. Business improvement and commercial loans (Payable in 12 months)
  3. Asset acquisition loans (should be money making assets and related to your business somehow), loan period is 12 months.
  4. ICT and Innovation Loan (fresh on Ugandan market). This is a loan to digitalize your business-like internet installation, hosting your application.

Member support through:

  1. Continuous training and mentorship
  2. Linkage to established financing institutions like UDB, MSC, UGEFA etc for funding
  3. Promotion on EYIT TV at a 50% discount
  4. Digitalization of your financial records using an AccountantApp and a web-based system. Usually, financial records are required to obtain a loan from a bank.


To join us now; Email:empoweryouthintechnology@gmail.com