Empower Youth In Technology (EYIT) Tech Camp 2024

Unlocking the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit within you: Transform your Idea to Market

Welcome to the Empower Youth In Technology (EYIT) Tech Camp 2024! This year’s tech camp is designed exclusively for Senior Six vacists. It will provide them with a unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. Our goal is to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge needed to generate groundbreaking business ideas and develop, pitch, and successfully market a product or service. This is a three months program that will start on 5th February 2024 and it will be hosted at Empower Youth in Technology (EYIT) hub.

Program Highlights:

1. Idea Generation Workshop: Insights into community challenges to identify viable business ideas which can develop into competitive businesses.

2. Product and Service development:  Gain hands-on experience with prototyping and minimal viable product (MVP) creation.

3. Pitch a business idea: Learn the art crafting a compelling business pitch and presenting it to partners or funders.

4. Market Dynamics: Get the basics of marketing your product/service using online/digital marketing tools.


Embark on a transformative journey at the EYIT Tech Camp 2024. Discover your entrepreneurial potential, build lasting connections, and set the stage for a future filled with innovation and success. Let’s empower the next generation of business leaders!

For more information, contact us on 0393252650, email: empoweryouthintechnology@gmail.com

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