About Us

EYIT Background and History

EYIT is a technology and innovation hub designed to support startups to thrive as well as build an entrepreneurial and technology community in Mbarara and Uganda at large. EYIT is a place where tech entrepreneurs and the business community meet to share ideas and innovate new businesses.

EYIT was incorporated in March 2018 by the Uganda registration services bureau and is now a home for researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Mbarara. EYIT’s main aim is to be a significant contributor to local capacity building, enabling the creation of a digital ecosystem in western Uganda for the development of technology businesses leading to increased employment opportunities for the youth and providing solutions to the government processes and fast-growing businesses. EYIT’s registration number is 80020000694124.

Our Board of Advisors

We are proud to present the esteemed Board of Advisors for EYIT (Empower Youth in Technology) in Uganda—a distinguished group of individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to guide and propel the organization forward. Committed to fostering innovation, education, and empowerment within the technology sector, our Board is composed of visionary leaders from various fields, each dedicated to driving positive change in the Ugandan youth community.

Our Team