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EYIT Academies: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

At EYIT, we believe in the transformative power of education and innovation. Our academies offer specialized training and resources to empower young individuals and prepare them for success in the modern world. Whether you aspire to excel in the tech industry, embark on an entrepreneurial journey, or thrive in the dynamic realm of online media, EYIT has an academy tailored to your passion and goals.

The Online Media Academy (OMA): Was innovated premised on EYIT’s young 4 young approach to build the next generation of young innovative and creative entrepreneurs. The Academy seeks to build the capacity of young people in order to become online Television and Radio personalities, digital content creators, video and audio producers and digital media entrepreneurs. … Continue reading EYIT ONLINE MEDIA ACADEMY

EYIT Business Academy is the engine for business development for both startups and SMEs. It provides entrepreneurs with insights, tools, and methodologies needed to start a business, grow a business, finance a business, and operate a legal business. Through this academy, young people will be equipped with the basic skills required to launch and run … Continue reading EYIT Business Academy

The aim of this academy is to produce full-stack software developers with the capacity to develop client-side and server-side software. Our software developers in our academy will have the capacity to work on full-stack applications from Front End Technology, Back End Development Languages, databases, servers, API, and version Controlling Systems such as GIT. Technologies to … Continue reading EYIT Software Academy