Events and Meetups

Innovator and Community meetup

Through this program, the innovators, organizations and individuals come together to discuss and develop an understanding of community challenges in Agriculture, Health, Education, Environment and Climatic change that need innovative solutions. The innovators propose solutions and test them with organizations/individuals. Four think tanks are organized every year before the start of every internship program in order to generate ideas TO be developed by internees. This program creates an opportunity for innovators to work and test innovations with the real consumers.

For the organizations willing to partner with us on this program and work with innovators to develop tailor made technology solutions, sign up now; Email: Empower Youth In Technology

Some of the organizations that have participated in this include;

The Innovator and Mentor meetup

This is a mentor matching program where individuals with proven entrepreneurial background hold quarterly meetups with innovators to guide them on business development.

These mentor meet with prospective entrepreneurs and guide them on how to start, manage and run successful innovations.

Some of the innovators we have engaged include;

  1. Barya Apollo, Proprietor of Barya Hardware
  2. Kaffoko Fred, Proprietor of Vision Empire, Vision Grill and Vision Radio
  3. Kabanza David, Founder-Agency for Education Systems Improvement
  4. Muhwezi Dandus, Founder-Cada Agribusiness
  5. Raymond Amanya, Freelance Software Developer
  6. Julius Eyakoowa, Free Technology Developer and Founder-Vuganda
  7. Dr. Andrew Ndmira, A retired Medical Doctor  and now concentrating on running family business
  8. Lion Kataate, Proprietor-Vine Inn
  9. Lion Benard Kakuhikire, former Dean at the Faculty of Business and Management Science and now owns a construction company
  10. Ms. Nuriat Nambogo, Research and Grants Manager at CamTech Uganda
  11. Mr. Cyril Tuhame, Founder-Hillton Gardens
  12. Mr. Sam Tumukunde, Founder-Olive Pharmacy
  13. Gad Atuhaire-Co-Founder, Silgad Investments Limited