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At EYIT TV, we specialize in crafting compelling documentaries that go beyond ordinary storytelling. Our documentary production services cater to a wide spectrum of clients, including NGOs, corporate companies, schools, and businesses. Whether it's a poignant narrative for an NGO, an insightful corporate documentary, an educational piece for schools, or a promotional video for businesses, … Continue reading EYIT Services
At EYIT TV, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your online presence and engagement. Our live event streaming service ensures your content reaches a global audience, featuring high-quality production, interactive features, analytics, and custom branding. For seamless video conferencing, we provide secure, multi-platform integration, custom features, technical support, and recording capabilities. Additionally, … Continue reading EYIT Services

We’re your go-to destination for social media campaigns that truly make a difference, catering to a wide array of clients, including companies, individuals, and NGOs. We not only design and execute compelling campaigns but also take the reins in handling your social media platforms, creating meaningful engagements, pulling in target audiences, and driving traffic to … Continue reading Social media campaigns

At EYIT, we understand the value of connecting with like-minded tech enthusiasts and building a network of talented individuals. Through our Tech Talent Linkage initiative, we offer a platform where techies can come together, collaborate, and network with peers who share a passion for technology. It’s a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, find potential collaborators, … Continue reading Tech Talent linkage

Experience the transformative power of EYIT TV's comprehensive suite of video production services tailored for all events and functions. Our creative expertise shines in every project, whether it's a wedding, workshop, conference, product activation, or any other event you have in mind. We craft captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact, ensuring your unique vision … Continue reading EYIT Services

At EYIT, we believe in nurturing innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and enabling meaningful meetups. We provide a dedicated workspace at an exceptionally subsidized cost, where innovators and entrepreneurs can thrive in a conducive environment. Our commitment to your success extends beyond providing affordable workspace; we offer unlimited high-speed internet to fuel your digital ambitions. EYIT is … Continue reading Workspace