Coding 4 Business

Coding 4 Business is a revolutionary initiative that strives to narrow the gap between the increasing number of software engineers graduating from Ugandan universities and the limited techrelated job opportunities in the country.

By enhancing the capabilities of software engineers in Uganda, the program is designed to provide them with the latest skills and knowledge to capitalize on emerging digital economy opportunities and produce job-ready professionals.

The program will focus on software engineers in western Uganda with a base understanding of data science, software design, and analysis. Additionally, it will provide these engineers with the resources to identify community issues and create technology products to address them.

The launch of the program is scheduled for 24th March 2023 and the first cohort of the program will include at least 10 software engineers. Through Coding 4 Business, EYIT is looking forward to maximizing the potential of the digital economy and creating more digital employment opportunities for software engineers. To learn more, click on the link: Coding 4 Business

If you are a software engineer interested in participating in the program, please complete the form below to sign up.


We are also open to partnering with organizations and technology companies on this program. We believe that with the right partnership, we can develop software engineers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. Please contact us to discuss potential opportunities.

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